Got an adventure to share?


If you are traveling, living, having a project or what ever you are doing, share your experiences.

Send a picture of a moment in time. One adventure. (One photo with story).

  • Send a high quality photo, and write:
  • Where you are. (Example: Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • What you are doing. (Example: Learning that winter is cold in Sweden).
  • Link to your name, webpage/social media tag. Or/and the photographers name.

Send the message to;

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Larger stories may appear on the blog as a written pieces.

By sending this information, you agree that I can post it on all my social media under the name One Heck of an Adventure.

Note. You also agree to participate without receiving any money. You will not earn anything (more than publicity).

Disclaimer: I do not necessarily share political, cultural, religious and/or philosophical views (or any views for that matter) of the featured people on this blog/social media. I display variety and diversity to celebrate this worlds many differences – coming together as one. With the soul purpose to share information, that hopefully will inspire individuals to live happy lives through their own self-actualization and self-love.

Disclaimer: All pictures posted & content are posted together with names and/or linked to their rightful owners. (I write and collaborate).



I am stoked to hear about your journey.

I wish you the best on your adventure!

– Hanna Karlsson, One Heck of an Adventure.