Vegetable Noodle Wok

Today I had a fun encounter with creativity. I truly delight in creating new things, and today that thing was vegan colorful taste-heaven. Here I have a picture of todays actually random dinner, a mix-match of all the things I had at home. Enjoy!

Start with making a spicy sauce as the base.
Tamari soy sauce, finely diced fresh ginger, green chili curry paste, sambal oelek (or fresh chili) and spices of choice/liking.

Apply heat for the wok pan. Add chopped onion, green beans, bell peppers of different colors, water chestnut, corn/baby-corn.

Bring out a pot, bring water to a boil. Add glass noodles, let them go soft 2-5 min. Rinse well under fresh water. Add to wok.

Package of done chickpeas, rinse well. Put in empty pot. Heat. Add tamari soy-sauce, and spices of your choice. Add to wok.

Top off with green salad and fresh parsley.​

”Why didn’t we eat directly while the food was super-warm?”
”I was busy taking pictures of it! It looked so beautiful with all the colors”.



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