Where do I belong?

Feeling like you don’t belong?

I think something deep-leveled in our hearts and minds tells us a story. That we are precious, valuable, capable and beautiful. But the fear of many things tells a different verse.

The fear of not fitting in. The fear of not being liked. The fear of not being good enough.

Would we even have fear if we where in a good space? At a good place? Surrounded by good people?


We wouldn’t.

Not this kind of fear.

This kind of fear arises as an alarm-bell – that calls to integration.

There is a reason why you feel ashamed, not liked for who you are and lonely in the middle of a room.

Lonely surrounded by people.

Because. You don’t belong there.

Or maybe you do.

But there sure are parts of you that feels this way. Parts of you that needs validation to exist freely, those parts of you need to know that they are okay.

If all parts of you aren’t valid. Then you might experience (the view of), the totality of you, as ”something is wrong” or ”not okay”.

You discard (a piece of) yourself, and fear that other people will discard you too.

A friend of mine said ”I am at the most afraid, when people don’t value what I have to give”.

So what do you have in your heart?

What do you truly have to give?

And in what forum will that be appreciated?

Allow yourself freedom to be who you are. Allow yourself freedom to find these people who accept these parts of yourself, that you have yet to accept.

Give it your all.

– We will be astonished. Of what you have to offer to this world.

And believe me. Life will be more fun, when you can be, all that you can be.




– Hanna Karlsson, One Heck of an Adventure



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