Enjoy life; on your own?

Sarcasm aside, everybody loves life in excruciating pain and agony of the tormenting aloneness of complete misery in life.

Or not. 😉

So today I thought i’d share my thoughts with you, it sounds a bit like this;

I call it
–> The mentality of: ”They are not ‘in the game’ – with me”.

Because: It is sad to enjoy life on your own.



Bliss is found in unity.

Bliss is found in what you truly love.

In the words of Joseph Campbell: ”Follow your bliss” – this simple sentence is the guideline to a happy life.

I many times feel like surrendering to the strong currant, the amazing flow of life. A currant so strong that you have no idea where you will belong in the the end – no idea where it will take you. No idea where it will..

Scary is the unknown.

But more scary is slowly dying in the mundane. A existence in nothingness and bother.

Why keep feeling this way? Of going with the currant, and then not at all. And then again.

Why do people not follow their dreams? Are they observed as too surreal or do we simply think that it is not a good idea?

What if they are a good idea?

I sometimes believe that following my calling is not sustainable and not really an asset to the people around me. More like a burden. More like a ‘case’ or an opportunity for them (around me) to worry.

Like I was a bother. Like I am taking up to much space in the room.

Like me having ”grand” dreams is just a hassle. An idea that people want me to be over with.


Why? Why are we so ashamed of what we wanna do in life?

When it lies so simply:

”You become what you love”.

You need. I need. To follow our dreams, and to not ridicule ourselves in our pursuit it what our soul truly desires.

We all need them people. Them ones, that stand on our side cheering, acting from heart and saying ”keep on going! do your thing!!”.

For all of our happiness-esses are entwined.

That one person would not be affected by another’s misery is an illusion. We are all connected.


Native Tribe, Africa

In africa they have a saying called:


”How can we be happy, when one of us is miserable?”.

It is a way of ensuring togetherness in a tribe.

Safety, security and love.

In the mentality of: ”They are ‘in the game’ – with me”, or ”We are in this together”.

We slam open the door. We open it together. – The door to a stress free life in living inside of our skin. And together open the door to allowing, for who we really are.

Together we open the door to a less stressful life.

All people have different qualities, are good at different things. It is so simply that what you love; is something that the tribe needs. You just have to believe it.

So to wrap it up & state facts:

That is why you where built this way, that is why you love doing what you love to do, you are wired that way – For something good.

Not to be a bother. Not to be ‘different’ like a weird outcast.

Be proud of who you are. Do what you love. And.

Become who you are destined to be.

And believe me. They will love you.



/Hanna Karlsson

One Heck of an Adventure



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