Women, We Are Powerful

I realized a short while ago, that when my parents where’nt available, I where raised by Disney Channel. I learnt that if you sit and feel like you are in need of help, helpless, and wounded. You will get help. Then, you will get help to reach your goal, your dreams. (Princess).
Only then. With the help of someone else this would be possible. Like its no choice to get up and do stuff yourself, like you have to live THROUGH anther person like an ameba (organism without no eyes, arms or legs). I had to Identify with the male caracters to find my own will and strength to do anything.
Today I want to Live my dreams (travel the globe). And I want to make them come true, with the help of the strength and abilities and dispay the divine feminine. (Which is not availiable or accurately portraid in books/tv/media).
One day. Us. We. Will be the people that change the world. That day is now- To all the dreamers out there. ❤
Let’s make our dreams come true.
And so fourth inspire people to be who they truly are.
What is the Divine Feminine? Google it. Also Divine Masculine. (It is not accurately portraiyed in media either.)
Together, we all rise.
Like yin and yang. We all inherit both masculine and feminine, you have both a mother and a father, find peace within yourself within the aspects, and you will find it in the world. ❤
Change starts with you. (Every) Single individual. Be the change (you want to see in the world) you desperately needed from the world when you grew up.
This world does not need more co-dependent, unconfident children.
(That grows in to disfunctional, resentful, powerless, unpredictiable adults. – That just ”snaps” when they’ve had it).
That is not you. (That is cultural conditioning, keeping you away from releasing all the true (love) power, essence, you have in your heart. The symptoms of not having an healthy relationship to who you are, and how you release emotions are leathal).
Be who you TRULY are. Do what feels and comes organic to you. Do not hinder acts of inspiration.
Let your soul fly.
Un-learn, -Re-learn- Everything. Be curious. You can.
You are.
lagos words end
The Worlds End, Portugal – The South West peak. View; the Atlantic.
Hanna Karlsson
One Heck of An Adventure

En reaktion på ”Women, We Are Powerful

  1. I am a man. And I agree. I consider myself being a strong man. And agree more than ever. Boys need women in their childhood as they need them as adults. For without the female part men would be a different kind – not one that I would want more of in this world. Doing all we can to grow in both directions and become the best version of ourselves is the most amazing thing we can contribute to make this world a better place. Great thoughts here, Hanna, please keep going!

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