Life is not ”what it is”

Sometimes you think that life is what it is. Then you think again. Then you get surprised that it was nothing at all of what you thought.

When I sit inside on a snowy day like this, I can only remember how I used to feel some other day. But other days are not important, only today is what will last.

So I take my thoughts and surrender to the now. The marvel. The magic, the ridiculous. I breath. For now I know that I am completely free.

The only thoughts that are keeping me locked behind bars are slowly lingering. There grasp ain’t no longer strong and firm. No longer holding.

The feeling, the now, of suddenly realizing that ‘you are alive’, gives you that kick, the questions ‘why me’? And always the ‘what should I do with it’? How about, marvel, feel, see, eat, travel, look someone in the eyes and stand. Stand. The ground is holding you. Me. The ground is holding me.

And there is nothing I would rather see, than the sight I have before me. A future.

And there is no place I would rather be, than right here. For I am meant to be here. In this moment.

This is me.



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