Thoughts on finding a teacher / guidance


Trust yourself.

No one knows better than you.

You have the infinite power within you. You are and will always be wonderful. Smart. Amazing.

Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.


You can’t explain why you know certain things. You just do.


You don’t ever have to explain – why – you trust your intuition.


And if someone seeks to guide you, with the reason of ”I know better than you”. I can certanly say that we all know. WE ALL KNOW. We all have a soul, a body and a mind.

We all have knowledge passed down by geneartions.

We all have knowledge from past lives, born with from mother nature.


Instincts, fabouluse witts, astonishing greatness.


And if anyone. Anyone. Tries to tell you otherwise. Just because they want to ”lead” you.

Then they are on a power-trip.


Loose their ego.

Loose skepticism.


Believe in yourself.

Your higher self takes all in account.


Embrace feelings.

You. Are. Aware.


A great leader honors the light within you, as in them selves.


The word namaste:

”The light in me, honors the light in you”.


No ranks, no hierarchy. No bullshit.


Only understanding. Love and consciousness.

There can’t be anything more valuable than a soul. And all the insight, wisdom and love that comes with it.


Choose guidance wisely, preferably someone who understands the true value of a soul.


The teacher learns as much from the student as the student learns from the teacher. It is a holy bond. Sacred, and shall be equal. Both shall share the same wisdom. And honor the process of bringing the light into the darkness of the unconscious.


”To learn is to acknowledge what we already know”.


You already have all the wisdom inside of you.

You just need to find someone who reminds you of your greatness, hidden within.


Love and light,


Hanna Karlsson



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